3 Ways to Improve Technician Productivity


JUNE 22, 2016


The coordination between service managers, controllers and technicians is vital for the success of any field service business. Despite the unpredictability of the business, there are a variety of ways to equip your technicians to ensure they are best prepared for a busy day in the field. The goal of all service managers is to increase productivity and enhance efficiencies for their technicians. If you find that your business is not as productive as it can be, it may be time to make a few organizational adjustments.

Use mobile technology to enhance coordination and communication

Logistical issues and a lack of communication often slow down the productivity of the entire business. Not only does inefficient communication delay the progress of current jobs, it affects the business’ ability to take on more jobs. Utilizing mobile technology may be the best way to solve this issue. Through mobile phones, service managers, dispatchers and technicians can be in constant communication with each other. By taking advantage of mobile apps specifically created for field service businesses, more efficient communication and coordination can be achieved. In addition, with GPS technology, it becomes easier to pinpoint the exact location of technicians, and allows dispatchers to direct the best-suited technician to the next job.

Keep equipment and inventory extremely organized

It is difficult to predict what specific equipment pieces and parts a technician will need, making it easy to lose track of inventory. To avoid this, service managers must make sure that their technicians are well-equipped for the day. An organized and complete set of tools ensures that technicians are best prepared. Collaborate with technicians to make sure that their vehicles are stocked appropriately.

In addition to your technicians being prepared, make sure your entire stock of inventory is also updated and each piece is accounted for. If you are finding it difficult to stay organized, have technicians log their parts on a daily basis. Keep detailed records of all equipment, which makes it easier to find out what is in the field and what is in storage. One of the most effective ways to do this is by leveraging a construction software that has equipment and inventory management capabilities. With software, you will be able to track each specific part or equipment piece, track depreciation, and determine when to replenish your stock.

Record and store data in a reliable software solution

Apart from using a software solution to track equipment usage and inventory management, take advantage of the other functionalities that an integrated system provides. Use software to track, record and store specific customer information, which in turn improves technician productivity. Rather than having technicians show up to jobs unaware of what needs to be done, a record of customer notes, equipment used and service history can be accessed, which provides technicians with a full picture of any given customer. Technicians become more knowledgeable and efficient, and allows them to provide a superior customer experience.