Contractor Security Issues


FEBRUARY 17, 2015


Contractor security is much more complicated than in many other industries. Not only do you need to protect the personal data of your clients but also those of contractors. Since this probably includes everything from social security numbers to addresses protecting this data is vital for you.

Encryption and Security

At the very least, you need to have a system which encrypts your information. Basically this codes it in a way that even someone who stole it cannot figure the information out without a proper key. Look for this when choosing a service and any one you use should have this at minimum.

Managing Data Types and Locations

One other function you need is a way to handle many types of data. For example you would need different inventory data for an HVAC job as opposed to a simple repair task. Your system needs to be able to securely manage all of these types at the same time.

Other Security Checks

In addition there are smaller sections of security which are no less important:

  • Secure physical locations where the data is stored are essential.
  • Strong passwords need to be enforced for cloud/mobile sharing.
  • Data needs to be trimmed for less useful aspects over time.
  • Some sections of data need to be cut off to everyone except on-site admins.
  • Only by combining all of these aspects can you have a truly secure system.

Peace of Mind and Security

Construction contractors and clients will only want to work with you if their data is secure. A single security scandal can sink you for good in this day and age. So look into getting the best security which you can afford so that they, and you, can be at ease.