Creative Ways to Market your HVAC Business


DECEMBER 22, 2016


Whether you have been running a successful field service and HVAC business, or you are a budding entrepreneur, you may come across difficulties in marketing the company. One of the main challenges for HVAC business is differentiating yourself from similar competitors, and standing out in the crowd. If you find that your current promotional campaigns need a bit of a push, it might be time to try alternative marketing strategies. Below are a few creative methods that HVAC companies can implement to attract new customers and encourage repeat business.

Give Customers Incentives by Offering Extra Services

Within the HVAC industry, most companies provide a similar service. In order for your business to stand out, consider offering other complementary services that aren’t necessarily going to drive revenues up, but are aimed to develop customer loyalty. Extra services like air duct cleaning and energy audits can be used to enhance your customer service. Furthermore, extra services and inspections can reveal the need for larger projects that require another investment from the customer. By being proactive and going the extra mile, customers are more likely to contact you for future jobs. In addition, by offering these services for free, customers will feel inclined to contact your business as you would have already done the preliminary work. By utilizing this practice, and showing the versatility of your work, it makes it easier to increase your average price per ticket while also increasing your chances at repeat business.

Increase your Presence in the Community

One of the easiest ways to increase brand awareness and expand the reach of your company is by being more present at community events. Writing compelling press releases and staying in contact with local media like newspapers and magazine reporters is always a good idea. Furthermore, attending or sponsoring local events will go a long way in creating a stronger brand presence in your community. Events like walks, runs and charity initiatives are all opportunities for showcasing your marketing material, brochures and business cards to wider audience.

Coupons or Promotions for a Limited Time

At one point or another, business may begin to slow down. This is no time to panic. Instead, it is a time to be creative and begin thinking outside the box. Although the thought of introducing bundles, coupons or deals may seem like a risky idea, it can do wonders for your business. One of the benefits of a limited time promotion is that it is relatively low-risk. Utilizing popular discount sites and posting a certain number of deals on these platforms can help your business in reaching a wider audience. In addition, these types of promotions can be determined by business owners who have the ability to decide the specific conditions of the deals offered. A simple coupon campaign can be used as both a customer retention and customer acquisition tool .The greatest benefit that limited time offers present is that it can be altered and changed depending on how customers are responding to the particular deal.