Improve Field Service Processes with Technology


MARCH 22, 2017


Many field service businesses continue to operate in a traditional manner and still rely on manual labor, handwritten documents and traditional modes of scheduling. Although these methods continue to work, modern field service companies are taking advantage of technology in various areas of the business. The integration of technology creates efficiencies that better track and utilize technicians, and ultimately lead to a larger number of customers served.

Use GPS Technology to Reduce Travel Time

The time spent driving between jobs, or back and forth between the field and the office is valuable time wasted. Rather than traveling to pick up parts or drop of documents, technicians are better served making their way to as many jobs as possible. Through inefficient scheduling and a lack of communication however, lengthy travel times are often the result. One way to address this issue is by taking advantage of GPS technologies and allowing dispatchers to direct technicians to their next job. By pinpointing their exact location, dispatchers can send the best-suited technician to their following job, and can inform them of any last-minute changes. Through mobile phones, not only is tracking made easier, the communication gap that often hinders dispatchers and field technicians is resolved.

Improve First Time Completion Rates with Equipment Management

The goal of all field service businesses is to resolve each service call on the first visit. In reality however, trips back to the office are too common, with many technicians rushing to pick up tools or equipment. A better prepared technician benefits not only the business, but also service customers in a timelier manner. In order to increase First Call Resolution (FCR) rates, an integrated software solution can be used to track and record customer history, as well as keep equipment and inventory organized, stocked and replenished. With an equipment management system, technicians show up to jobs, prepared with the appropriate equipment, and well-informed with customer notes available from their mobile device or tablets. By improving first time completion rates, technicians are able to service more customers, improving the efficiency of the business.

Better Manage Service Calls and Technician Utilization with Dispatch Scheduling Software

Managing service calls can also be made easier through the use of dispatch scheduling software. A variety of options are available for field service businesses of all sizes, many of which utilize mobile or cloud technology to gain access to real time data. Improved scheduling capabilities helps dispatchers enhance communication, in addition to leveraging GPS tracking to help make the most optimal decision. Through software, technicians can access schedules on their mobile device, and dispatchers can make changes and adjustments easily throughout the day. Rather than relying on a static schedule made in the office, dispatch software better unites the field with the back office and makes pertinent information accessible from anywhere.