Managing Construction Productivity Goals


FEBRUARY 19, 2015


Productivity goals are something you need to keep your contractors motivated. Anything from bonuses to additional equipment can be used as bonuses to motive your people. Even if you are individual contractor you need to increase your productivity to stay competitive and software can help.

Managing & Tracking Goals

Having a proper system for all of this lets you create and track new goals every day. It also lets you single out great or terrible contractors on your team. For the individual a database provides the perfect metric to measure their own individual performance.

Project Accountability

Having some form of accountability for those who manage projects is the most basic concept of business. Contractors are no different and having a system to track their workflow, or your own, is a necessary part of having any successful operation.

Goals to Track

Here are a few data points which others have used to successfully improve productivity in the past:

  • Project completion time from start to finish.
  • Additional costs during the course of the work.
  • Notes from managers on improving the overall speed.
  • Satisfaction from the customer on the overall speed and completion time.

All of these can help you in myriad ways to improve the overall efficiency of your organization.

Production = Success

You may have some initial resistance to all this tracking. Managers should do their best to show contractors that when the entire business is profitable, everyone wins. This is the formula that so many others have used and by choosing a powerful contractor software system you can see the same success in the long run. Test our benefits and decide for yourself.