The Benefits of Mobile in the Field Service Industry


SEPTEMBER 22, 2016


Implementing new technologies may be a difficult task, but is essential to remain competitive in the field service industry. In recent years, a number of cloud software and mobile apps have become available, all of which aim to streamline business processes, enhance communication and increase connectivity. Within field service specifically, businesses have the choice of slowly integrating mobile apps to address specific areas of the business. In contrast, forward-thinking companies can invest in a fully-integrated software that can handle a wide variety of business processes, including dispatch, scheduling, payroll and billing. Whichever method is chosen, incorporating mobile technology is becoming a prerequisite for any HVAC and field service business that wishes to remain competitive. Below is a list of benefits that mobile technology will provide for your business.

Increased Connectivity

Using a field service software or mobile app keeps everyone on the team better connected. Everyone from dispatchers, service managers and technicians will be more accessible, and will be easier to get in touch with. Mobile technology lets you communicate instantly with each other, and allows dispatchers to make any last minute schedule changes. Many mobile apps and software utilize GPS technology to make dispatching even easier. Through GPS technology, dispatchers can better track the location of technicians and redirect the best suited technician to their next job. With increased connectivity between the office and the field, businesses will be better equipped to service more customers at a much more efficient rate.

Real Time Information

Mobile technology allows for all important data, like customer information/notes, billing and payroll to be updated in real time. With the benefit of real time information, service managers can generate reports that represent the current state of the business. With increased visibility that mobile technology provides, service managers will gain access to necessary information that will allow them to make more accurate and profitable business decisions.

Instantly Update Customer Information

Through mobile technology, updating customer information is also made easier. Instead of recording customer notes or history on pen and paper, mobile technology allows technicians to make changes to customer information in real time. In the office, rather than search through filling cabinets and mounds of paperwork, customer data, documents and images can be stored digitally.

More importantly, technicians are better equipped with customer notes and have records of past units serviced, even before dealing with a customer. The use of mobile technology ensures speed, efficiency and accuracy, leading to a much smoother and reliable operation.

Improve Payroll and Billing

Cloud software and some of the more advanced mobile apps are able to create efficiencies in payroll and billing. Typically, hand-written work hour logs and invoices needed to be delivered back to the office. This not only wasted technician time, it created an inordinate amount of administrative work. By taking advantage of mobile technology, instantly record technician work hours and capture customer signatures directly on a tablet. An effective mobile app or cloud software has the ability to eliminate manual labor, speed up payroll, and allows technicians to be utilized more effectively and profitably.