Training Videos



Accounts Payable 54 Minutes
Accounts Payable: Common Questions 34 Minutes
Accounts Receivable 43 Minutes
Adding/Deleting a Technician 45 Minutes
AP Check Processing Traverse 11 26 Minutes
Support Document: AP Check Processing Traverse 11
AR Cash Receipts Processing 28 Minutes
Support Document: AR Cash Receipts Processing
Ascente & Traverse Year End Processing Recommendations 47 Minutes
Support Document: Ascente and Traverse Year End Procedures
Support Document: Year End Ascente & Traverse FAQ
Ascente - Adding a Support Call 10 Minutes
Ascente 3.7 58 Minutes
Ascente 4.0 Features 39 Minutes
Ascente 4.1 Features 13 Minutes
Ascente AP Invoice Processing 16 Minutes
Support Document: AP Check Processing Traverse 11
Ascente Custom Fields 22 Minutes
Ascente GPS 75 Minutes
Ascente Inventory Control & Creating Parts 37 Minutes
Support Document: Inventory Control & Creating Parts
Ascente Mobile Pro (Commercial Emphasis) 59 Minutes
Ascente Mobile Pro (Residential Emphasis) 62 Minutes
Ascente Mobile Pro Version 3.0 19 Minutes
Ascente New User Setup Tips 8 Minutes
Ascente Notes Pro 25 Minutes
Ascente Physical Inventory 36 Minutes
Support Document: Ascente Physical Inventory
Ascente Quotes 40 Minutes
Ascente Web Portal 19 Minutes
Ascente X-Charge 30 Minutes
Ascente/Traverse Navigation 55 Minutes
Bank Reconciliation 37 Minutes
Call Inquiry & Dispatch Basics 42 Minutes
Call Inquiry Options 41 Minutes
Call Taking Basics 47 Minutes
Credit Card Processing Interface 15 Minutes
Compusource Web Portal 15 Minutes
Crystal Reports Viewer Functions 32 Minutes
Direct Deposit Setup 16 Minutes
Support Document: Direct Deposit Payroll Setup
Enhanced Payroll Tax Reporting 24 Minutes
Excel Data Access 59 Minutes
Financial Statements 60 Minutes
Flat Rate Processing 36 Minutes
Support Document: Webinar - Ascente Flat Rate Processing (PDF)
Support Document: Webinar - Ascente Flat Rate Processing (PowerPoint)
Info Alert/Triggers 42 Minutes
Interactive View Tips & Tricks 35 Minutes
Inventory Setup 48 Minutes
Jobsite Component Basics 15 Minutes
Support Document: Ascente Service Jobsite Components (PDF)
Support Document: Ascente Service Jobsite Components (Word Document)
Job Cost Billing 39 Minutes
Job Cost Reporting 45 Minutes
Job Cost Setup 48 Minutes
Job Cost Transactions Processing 35 Minutes
Maintenance Contract Basics 58 Minutes
Maintenance Contract Budgets 58 Minutes
Maintenance Contracts Tasking 50 Minutes
Marketing to Existing Customers using Excel 41 Minutes
Mobile Investigations 18 Minutes
Payroll 31 Minutes
PDF File Creation & Document Archiving Basics 15 Minutes
Purchase Order Processing 55 Minutes
Purchasing 34 Minutes
Quantity Tracking 56 Minutes
Reassign Technicians / Combining Duplicate Jobsites 12 Minutes
Support Document: Reassign Technicians
Support Document: Combine Duplicate Jobsites
Scripts/Tab Stops/Form Printers 23 Minutes
Service Invoicing 63 Minutes
Service Order Management 31 Minutes
Support Document: Service Order Management - Questions
Support Document: Service Order Management
Setting up New Users 37 Minutes
Should I be tracking Inventory Levels? 46 Minutes
Traverse 11 - Introduction 33 Minutes
Traverse 11 - Bank Reconciliation 33 Minutes
Traverse 11 - Cash Receipts 30 Minutes
Traverse Accounts Receivable 30 Minutes
Traverse Banking 41 Minutes
Traverse General Ledger 47 Minutes
Traverse - General Ledger – Update Current Year: This is a year end required process. 8 Minutes
Traverse Productivity Reports 19 Minutes
Traverse – System Manager – Period Conversion: This is year end required process. 10 Minutes
Year End Processing Ascente 3 / Traverse 10 39 Minutes
Support Document: Year End Processing Points
Year End Processing Ascente 4 / Traverse 11 39 Minutes