Accounting – Digital Dashboard



Accounting - Digital Dashboard


Now included with System Manager, Digital Dashboard gives you an executive snapshot of key business indicators. You can personalize Digital Dashboard using over 35 pre-defined business metrics. Each user can choose which objects to view and whether to show data graphically, in text mode, or both. User settings also include the ability to set an automatic refresh interval to ensure timely, accurate information. Dashboard objects can show individual company or consolidated data in multi-company environments.


    AP Aging Analysis

    AP Invoice Analysis

    AP Payment History

    AP Purchase History

    AR Aging Analysis

    AR Invoice Analysis

    AR Payment History

    AR Sales History

    Current Cash Flow

    Projected Cash Flow

    CRM Opportunity Projections

    Daily Statistics — Cash Receipts

    Daily Statistics — Checks Written

    Daily Statistics — Purchase Orders

    Daily Statistics — Sales Orders

    Company Balances Summary

    Ratio Analysis

    Daily Sales and Profit Summary

    Monthly Sales and Profit Summary

    Yearly Sales and Profit Summary

    Top Ten Customers (MTD, YTD, Total)

    Top Ten Items (MTD, YTD, Total)

    Top Ten Sales Reps (MTD,YTD, Total)

    Top Ten Vendors (MTD, YTD, Total)