Interfaces – Flat Rate



Interfaces - Flat Rate


The Flat Rate Book system provides an interface to industry standard flat rate books such as Callahan/Roach, Collier, Maio, NSPG and Profit Strategies in order to set up and maintain your inventory. Using these books, or one that you create, you can customize your current bill of material information and price updates to make sure your inventory files are always the most current representation of actual inventory present.

Save Time and Money with Flat Rate Book Interface Software

By utilizing the flat rate book interface software system, your company will increase efficiency and save time by eliminating the laborious tasks of obtaining current pricing, identifying and writing inventory descriptions, as well as updating the system to reflect these changes. The system updates all pricing and costing information automatically and can produce this information with a press of a couple buttons. Work Order entry is streamlined by requiring only the flat rate task number to be entered. The system will then ‘explode’ the flat rate task into all of its components. Components can then be removed or added as needed. Pictures can be added to tasks to make for a very professional document that can be presented to your customers.

Flat Rate Book Interface Software – Reporting

Reporting with the flat rate book interface software system is done using Crystal Reports software, which is a fully customizable program that can be customized without having to alter the flat rate book interface system at all. Analysis reports help you identify those tasks that technicians are not completing in the estimated timeframe. You can then determine if the labor time needs to be adjusted or technician training is more appropriate. In addition, the analysis reports will compare the budget vs. actual usage of every part on a task. If other parts are used in place of the budget parts, this will be apparent when reading the reports. You can also quickly identify those tasks that are most profitable and frequency of usage to help make future adjustments to your flat rate task offerings.