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Eliminating paper for a field service contractor company can greatly simplify the business process while increasing company revenue. Paper is expensive and deciphering hand written notes can prove to be a nightmare for administrators. By eliminating the need for paper notes, and moving to an electronic platform, field service contractor companies can increase both efficiency and profits. This is why Ascente field service software contains a NotesPro module.

The NotesPro module of Ascente field service software provides the ability to attach notes within the Ascente program to any file. Some of the important files that allow for notes to be added to them include:

  • Job Cost
  • Work Orders
  • Service Orders
  • Job Sites

  • In addition to attaching notes to these files, the NotesPro module allows for folders or files to be attached to any note. This means that scanned documents can be attached to a note as well.

    Some other features and benefits of the NotesPro module of Ascente field service software include the ability to prioritize notes in terms of their importance, by giving them a priority of regular, important or alert. This will tell users how important a particular note is and insure key information is not missed. With the NotesPro alert function, a pop-up window appears and the notes are displayed on the screen when the user activates the file. The user is also made aware of the priority of each alert. This insures that each user receives important information quickly.

    Having easily accessible notes and attachments (such as pictures, copies of permits, etc), which are prioritized as to importance will make your company run more efficiently and profitably.