Benefits of Moving from Contrac2 to Ascente



The following modules are available in Ascente/Traverse that are not available in CONTRAC2:

Quotes – Enter and track Quotes and with a click to create a Service Order or Job Cost Job. Can automatically provide pricing based on markup from cost or desired profit margin.

Mobile Pro – Let your Techs enter their work on a device in the field and automatically upload to your server.

Notes Pro – Assign Priorities to notes where they show in different colors or pop-up on the screen for the user. Also link files or folders to a note (useful for linking jobsite pictures, permits, or scanned copies of Work Orders).

Flat Rate – Import and Maintain your Flat Rate book, but also print your own book any time you want and include pictures for a professional touch.

Bank Reconciliation – Clear your A/P and Payroll checks along with Deposits.

Banking – Direct Deposit, Bank Statement import for reconciliation, positive pay, and ACH payment processing for A/R and A/P.

Point of Sale – Interface directly with a cash register to track your daily counter sales.

Enhanced Payroll Tax Reporting – Process ALL Federal and State payroll reports directly on the system. No need to buy forms and can optionally e-file.

Triggers – Have the system automatically e-mail your customer when a technician is dispatched, including a picture of the tech. The sky’s the limit – make the system automatically take action when certain events occur.